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— Part Two — Kurt Leads the Nameless – Chapter Two —

1st Step –

Be sure to play the DLC Kurt Irving’s First Mission” a few times
to gain DCT / EXP, then go to the Home Base to upgrade and
equip your troops and tank.

Here is a video showing how to S-Rank in ONE TURN:

2nd Step – Finish all of Chapter 2 – (Try to S rank the missions if you can).

VC3 – Chp2 FreeMission01 – APC Trial  (This has no Ace)

VC3 – Chp2 FreeMission02 – Supply Line
(Do this free mission twice and defeat the ace,
“Naka the Searcher” both times to get 2 ace drops ).
After you finish this mission you receive the Strength Talisman Accessory (+20 HP)

VC3 – Chapter2 Mission01 Captain Exemplar – S RANK

VC3 – Chapter2 Mission02 PATH_A – OP-Forest Raid – S RANK

VC3 – Chapter2 Mission02 PATH_B – OP-Canyon War – S RANK

VC3 – Chapter2 Mission03 Confined Duel – S RANK

VC3 – Chapter2 Mission04 Ace Ability – S RANK

Special Note 1:
In Chapter Two, the Fragment Missions DO NOT UNLOCK — even if you use a character 35 times!
If you use a character 35 times then at the beginning of Chapter 3,
that character’s Fragment Mission will unlock.

Special Note 2:

Super Challenge: 
As the Extra Missions have unlocked, so has the 5 star difficulty DLC mission called:
“Control the Harbor.”

Note: If you are playing the English Patched version, this 5 star DLC in Extras has its Ace removed.  
You will need play it in an unpatched Japanese version to kill the Ace and get his weapon.  
It is worth playing through in Japanese as the weapon is very powerful.

This 5 star difficulty mission will wipe the floor with inexperienced players and a low level squad.
You may wish to wait till the later chapters. (I recommend you wait at until LEAST until
chapter 3 when you can get the sniper class).

I have done it with a C rank at the beginning of Chapter 2.  The ace can sometimes spawn in the first map.
This is your best chance to finishing the mission and beating the ace in a timely manner.
With no Snipers you MUST protect your tank and use Kurt as a shock trooper with his
DLC weapon Hilde, to have ANY chance of killing the ace and finishing the mission.

Good luck Comrades!


Walkthrough — The Beginning – Chapter One —

1st Step

– Input the bonus codes. They will unlock missions and items in Chapter 2.-


Alysse: 2QHK AEF2 8MHM XCN7

Nagisa: HFNQ LM6R 432R C2HP

Eleanor: QZXR F9WC Y59M X7SF

Anisette: JTWF XB8Y 74A5 FJWP

(MISSION CODE – Mission has “Steel Hearts” Ace Weapon)










コラボステッカー『エアレイド ゼリ』


コラボステッカー『エアレイド 一角獣』


コラボステッカー『コンプ アバコゼ』

コラボステッカー『コンプエース ロゴ』


コラボステッカー『電撃マ王 エイリアス』


コラボステッカー『電撃マ王 マガリ』






Here is a video of the English patch showing all of the extras unlocked
after successfully inputing the passwords.
NOTE: Be sure to use Full-Width Characters!
(If you are using an emulator, press “L Button” when the Keyboard Input shows up).

2nd Step – Finish all of Chapter 1
– Try to S rank if you can as it will unlock medals and Frederica faster.
See the following videos if you need help to achieve this.

Chapter 1 – S rank videos

VC3 – Chapter1 Mission01 – S-RANK

VC3 – Chapter1 Mission02 – S-RANK

VC3 – Chapter1 Mission03 – S-RANK

3rd Step – After getting to Chapter 2, get the Hilde weapon for your
shock troopers by finishing Kurt’s Personal DLC.
You can S-Rank Kurt Irving’s First Mission in two rounds.

This is the mission where you should grind for EXP / DCT early on
as it can be used to boost up your troops (via Training Grounds)
and improve your tank/infantry equipment (via Procurement Shop).
See this video if you need help to S-Rank this mission.

VC3 – DLC: Kurt Irving’s First Mission – S-RANK

Chapter 1 – S rank videos

VC3 – Chp1 Mission01 – S-RANK

VC3 – Chp1 Mission02 – S-RANK

VC3 – Chp1 Mission03 – S-RANK

VC3 – DLC: Kurt Irving’s First Mission – S-RANK

Mission Guide updated!

Comrade Edond has updated my guide to go on to Chapter 20.  Post game missions yet to be done.  Chapters 13-20 of the guide match with the patched version of the game

Happy New Year Comrades.


Hello everyone,

This might be my last post for a while as I am quite busy these days.  I am glad that the many of you enjoyed our translation English patch that we’ve worked so very hard on over the past 2 years.  It is hard to balance out such a project with real life responsibilities.  I gave up some of my hobby time (playing games / watching movies) so that I could meet the December 25 2013 self-imposed deadline.  I wanted to make the game playable in English as much as I could because after this date, I have no clue as to when I will have time or for how long our team will be able to update our patches.  For now at least, we are on break and it is a well-deserved one.

The original translations were not always clear and can be extremely stilted, but that is of no fault to the translators — it is simply the first pass of a long process.  People tend to think that once something is translated it can be put into the game and we can be done with it.  This simply isn’t true.  The editing process is crucial and requires multiple passes to get it right.  Even so, sometimes things slip by as time goes on and we make changes to the files.  Some text might get reverted, or our new edited text changes the spacing and then previous time spent play testing has to be done all over again.  In short, it is a very time-consuming process. I personally want to support SEGA to make more VC games (so please buy the E2 version now for only 980yen in the Japanese PSN store) and especially want to support VC gaming community, who like me, was extremely sad that an official localization was dropped.  I know what it is like, when I was young, I played Shining Force III for the Saturn, and SEGA never released those additional 2 (3 if you count the bonus disc) sequels that completed that story line.  VC3 is quite the special game and it is a diamond in the rough in my honest opinion.  

I wanted to let you know some of the details of how the translation came about. My goal was to make a bridge between VC1 and VC2 terminology.  Battle or personal potentials, game interface, orders, etc, all follow VC1 terminology whenever possible.  Thus, we use “Occupy” rather than “Capture” and things like medal section follow the style of VC1 as well.  However, certain game-play elements were introduced into VC2 and so follow that terminology instead. Thus commands like “Inspiration” which boosts squad morale and the Fencer class and their weapons match with VC2 terms.  I am not sure if the original VC2 localization team had the time to check or not, but I noticed they often re-invented the terms for their own localization purposes (menu commands, names of the medals, etc).  I don’t hold it against them, and as VC3 exists as bridge between those two games, I also intended the text to reflect this.

For the really observant players that have played the original Japanese version, our patched version has actually improved some of the shortcomings of the Master Table feature. This feature was pretty useless in the original game, as it never told you how to get the high or super potentials and all of the text was white on a whitish background.  In our version, it has been color coded and new details have been added  to the status bar below to explain how to unlock those special class based battle potentials. Another tricky localization choice was in the Ace names. You see, the Japanese text translates a bit differently that what is in our English patch to be honest.  However, this is not a bad thing because again it acts as a bridge to VC2.  You see some of the Ace names in VC2 exist in VC3 but when the VC2 localization team translated them the names slightly changed (artistic liberty..again I see it as their right).  Thus the names have been set to match the VC2 names when possible.  This is not the first time localization differences occurred.  From VC1, the Squad 7 member, Homer Peron is actually Homer Pieroni. No idea why they changed his name, but to match his sister Leila correctly, we also changed her name to Peron.

There are more tidbits and untold stories behind this massive English translation patch effort, but for now I hope you all support SEGA with a PSN purchase or UMD, and enjoy the game in English. Happy New year to you all. “Akemashite omedeto gozaimasu, kotoshi mo yoroshiku onegaishimasu.”


Merry X-mas


X-mas time is upon us and the first version of the patch content is done. Currently, the patch itself must be re-compiled and tested before being released. As for me, I am done for now, next I might work on the next patch but for now I am focusing on the tasks revolving my own work and domestic life.  It has been a long journey and while I did not accomplish everything I set out to do, I think I gave it my best.  The hundreds of hours I put in will be compensated by the hundreds of hours, you fellow gamers will enjoy.  While the patch works on CFW, if you want to support the series please buy VC3-E2 on the Japanese PSN.  From now until Jan. 8 2014, it will be under 10 bucks.  Once you convert the PSN purchase to an iso it will work.  For those that have a UMD back up it up to an iso and then apply the patch.

Things that got done – menus- in-game items , story events (Caveat – I couldn’t edit chapter 16 and only part of 15), character events, and all of the endings.  Home and Sky which are E2 specific are also done.  I could only finish editing the mission objectives for the chapter based missions (this is well over a hundred).  Extra missions and the character mission objectives will have to wait until another patch day…

I should note that should SEGA fully release an English version someday the stuff we didn’t have time to do will get done, and the art changes for in-game menus will probably be better (Although, I like our  new title screen LOL).

I have a lot of translation notes that I will post someday (maybe in the new year).  I am not sure where the bug reports will be done or where the patch is to be hosted.  I just know that I am done with it for now, and hope that everyone can appreciate and enjoy the wonderful game that SEGA made.  I wish I had more time to complete it but such is life.

Have a happy holidays — No.55 A Nameless Patch Translator/Editor.

Plugging along …

Well the translation and editing of the VC3 patch is going along smoothly but man is it time consuming!

I find the editing to be even trickier than doing the original translation, but it is “fun” in its own way.  All of the mission info text for the base game (i.e not DLC) has been translated but it needs to be heavily edited in order to fit within the small amount of space (both in terms of memory and physical layout).

I have just finished doing all of the mission names.  Sometimes the titles will give you a hint as to what to expect in the mission, and at other times they might just seem cryptically poetic.  Those mission names have a very strict limitation due to the organization of the game data, so I had to be creative and reduce a lot of “unnecessary” or “flavor” text.  For example;

From Japanese to English: “Disrupting the Imperial Supply Route” –> “Supply Route” –> “Supply Line” (This is optimal as it is smaller text and more reflective of the mission description text).  While I would like to keep the terms “Imperial” or “Disrupting the”  we must save memory so they have to be cut. Besides,  if you actually read the mission description text, it goes into enough detail that you would understand the mission is to capture an “Imperial supply base” in order to disrupt the enemy supply line.


By the way, the purpose of this blog post is just to reassure fans that progress is being made day by day behind the scenes.  Check out from time to time to see when there is something ready to post publicly.