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S – Rank videos for Chapters 6 – 8

This will probably be my last post until late November / December when the new Extra Edition is released.

Hello Comrades!
You can now go to the following links to see my videos on how to S-Rank each chapter’s Missions on your first play through:

Chapter 6:

Chapter 7:

Chapter 8:

VC3 Mission Guide Updated till Chapter 12.

Good Luck Everyone.


How to Master all the Classes – Unlocking Class Potentials Videos

Hello Comrades!

I have made a list of videos showing how to unlock ALL the class potentials:

For a write up explaining these potentials check out my older post:

Here is a video showing how to unlock those High/Super Potentials.

First unlock the potentials and master the appropriate classes (See my /2011/07/15 post). Then go to the Master Table to unlock them.