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Walkthrough — The Beginning – Chapter One —

1st Step

– Input the bonus codes. They will unlock missions and items in Chapter 2.-


Alysse: 2QHK AEF2 8MHM XCN7

Nagisa: HFNQ LM6R 432R C2HP

Eleanor: QZXR F9WC Y59M X7SF

Anisette: JTWF XB8Y 74A5 FJWP

(MISSION CODE – Mission has “Steel Hearts” Ace Weapon)










コラボステッカー『エアレイド ゼリ』


コラボステッカー『エアレイド 一角獣』


コラボステッカー『コンプ アバコゼ』

コラボステッカー『コンプエース ロゴ』


コラボステッカー『電撃マ王 エイリアス』


コラボステッカー『電撃マ王 マガリ』






Here is a video of the English patch showing all of the extras unlocked
after successfully inputing the passwords.
NOTE: Be sure to use Full-Width Characters!
(If you are using an emulator, press “L Button” when the Keyboard Input shows up).

2nd Step – Finish all of Chapter 1
– Try to S rank if you can as it will unlock medals and Frederica faster.
See the following videos if you need help to achieve this.

Chapter 1 – S rank videos

VC3 – Chapter1 Mission01 – S-RANK

VC3 – Chapter1 Mission02 – S-RANK

VC3 – Chapter1 Mission03 – S-RANK

3rd Step – After getting to Chapter 2, get the Hilde weapon for your
shock troopers by finishing Kurt’s Personal DLC.
You can S-Rank Kurt Irving’s First Mission in two rounds.

This is the mission where you should grind for EXP / DCT early on
as it can be used to boost up your troops (via Training Grounds)
and improve your tank/infantry equipment (via Procurement Shop).
See this video if you need help to S-Rank this mission.

VC3 – DLC: Kurt Irving’s First Mission – S-RANK


Comments on: "Walkthrough – Part 1 (Chapter One)" (2)

  1. I’m using an emulator ppsspp, but the codes don’t work. Why?

    • Well the reason is you are not using FULL WIDTH Characters (these are double size ABC characters and actually take up 2 bytes in memory). If you were using a real PSP this would not be an issue as that is the default, but you will need to make sure you select FULL WIDTH Character option if you use an emulator). I use a real PSP so I can not tell you exactly how to do it, but if you google FULL WIDTH CHARACTER and PPSSPP I am sure you will find a video or tutorial that will show you how. Codes will work fine once you switch the character size.

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