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Story Videos [in HD] for VC3

A very special thanks goes out to XGsFei, for recording and uploading all of the story videos(in HD) for Chapters 1-20, and Kurt’s, Riela’s and Imca’s personal extra episode missions (which are now part of the Extra Edition).


DLC List and Ace Weapons

Note: that the (♥)means I personally recommend buying this DLC mission.

Extra Episode DLC List

クルト・アーヴィングの初陣 (Pre order bonus / EE) – ヒルド(Submachine Gun)力の秘密 (Riela’s Extra Episode 600円/ EE – ??unlocks after chp. 12??) – グン(Fencer)
– unlocks Extra Mission 学校からのSOS

No.1は眠れない (Imca’s Extra Episode 600円 / EE – unlocks after chp. 13) – グニル (Fencer)
– unlocks Extra Mission黒き電撃作戦

もうひとつのボルジア護衛作戦  (Extra Episode Story 600円) – Horn (Lancer)
– unlocks Extra Mission 交差する戦線

セルベリア、ナジアルを征く(Selvaria Extra Episode(♥)) - ユール (Armored Tech)
– unlocks Extra Mission 山岳戦線, Maximillian, Selvaria
反逆のヴァルキュリア DLC EXTRA EPISODE 600円 (♥)
– unlocks Riela Valkyrian Character,
– Personal Note: This episode has awesome music not released on CD.

-Note: Alysse is the Boss Valkyria, Ace Weapon: テイマーSPG (I forget, I think Lancer?)

-Note: Alicia is Boss the Valkyria, Ace Weapon: アスガルS(オートSライフル – [3 shot] sniper)

-Note: Selvaria is Boss the Valkyria, Ace Weapon: ゲルA(Engineer)

-Unlocked after beating first ヴァルキュリア 3 missions
-Note: Riela Valkyrian is the Boss Valkyria, Ace Weapon: エーベルジュ(Fencer)
-unlocks Riela Valkyrian character

終戦、そして旅立ち DLC EXTRA EPISODE 400円 (♥)
-unlocks Yeager from VC1 !
-unlocks 雪空の下で Extra Mission, Ace Weapon: アスガル(オートSライフル Sniper)

激突!ウェルキン対ダハウ DLC EXTRA EPISODE 600円 (♥)
– unlocks Welkin, Alicia, Isara
– unlocks Extra Mission ナジアル陣地強襲戦
– Ace Weapon: ヴァルホルSpB(2nd Tier Fencer)

激突?イーディ対ダハウ DLC EXTRA EPISODE 600円 (♥)
– unlocks Edy イーディ、Homer ホーマー、Susie スージー、Jann ヤン、Marina マリーナ、Lynn リィン
– unlocks Extra Mission 潜入、ギルランダイオ
– Ace Weapon: WVB sch35 (2nd Tier Fencer)

イサラ、走る (*BONUS from DVD / Blu Ray / PSN Rental special)
EXTRA EDITION EPISODES (-these are story only except for Clarissa’s no ace weapons)

Extra Mission DLC List

-Unlocked by having the VC3 DEMO Save Data  (Not Sure about Extra Edition)
– Ace Weapon:  ヘルヴォル(Sniper)

– Unlocked with Phantasy Star Portable 2 Save Data
EE: Enter this Passcode in the EXTRA/Password section5GEJZPR7QCGXW6PY)
– Ace Weapon: スティールハーツ (Fencer)

懲罰任務 制圧された港で
– Used to be part of the SEGA Mobile Site Bonus ONLY, now part of Extra Edition!
– Ace Weapon: ヒルドM (Shock trooper!)

学校からのSOS (EE)
– Unlocked AFTER finishing 力の秘密
– Ace Weapon: Regen (Scout)

懲罰任務 毒蛇の牙 (200円) (♥)
– Ace Weapon: ゲル (Engineer)

黒き電撃作戦  (EE)
– Unlocked AFTER finishing No.1は眠れない
– Ace Weapon: Shido (Fencer)

懲罰任務 立ちはだかるもの(200円)
– Ace Weapon: ヨーツン (Lancer)

– Unlocked AFTER finishing もうひとつのボルジア護衛作戦 Extra Episode
– Ace Weapon: Sieg (Gunner)

HARD-EX 招かれざる鴉 (200円) (♥)
– SPECIAL: If you S – Rank this mission you get a 青いバンダナ Accessory!
– Ace Weapon: アルヴィト (Second Tier Gunner)

– Unlocked AFTER you finish セルベリア、ナジアルを征く Extra Episode
– Ace Weapon: Ruhm (BEST Shock Trooper Gun)

– Unlocked AFTER you finish 終戦、そして旅立ち Extra Episode
– Ace Weapon: ブロンデルSpB (オートSライフル – Sniper)

懲罰任務 対岸の砲撃手 (200円)
– Ace Weapon: スルーズ (Mortarar Lancer)
– S-Rank Accessory 原石ラグナイト

HARD-EX 水道橋を解放せよ(200円) (♥)
– Ace Weapon: ヘルムヴィゲ (Scout)
– S-Rank Accessory 盾の指輪

懲罰任務 撃ち貫くもの (200円) (♥)
– Ace Weapon: スケグル(対戦車Sライフル Super tank Sniper)
– S-Rank Accessory 英雄のドッグタグ

HARD-EX 鋼鉄の罠 (200円)
– Ace Weapon: ブラギ(Gunner)
– S-Rank Accessory 歴戦のバンダナ

HARD-EX 狙われた備蓄物資  (200円)
– Ace Weapon: ゲンドゥル(オートSライフル Sniper)
– S-Rank Accessory 歴戦のリボン

HARD-EX 迫り来る悪夢  (200円)
– Ace Weapon: フリスト(Anti Tank Fencer)
– S-Rank Accessory 槍の指輪

HARD-EX 砂漠に潜む物  (200円) (♥)
– Ace Weapon: Orden(オートSライフル – 3 Shot Sniper)
– S-Rank Accessory 濃縮ラグナイト

– Unlocked AFTER finishing 激突!ウェルキン対ダハウ Extra Episode
– Ace Weapon: Held (Gunner)

潜入、ギルランダイオ (♥)
– Unlocked AFTER finishing 激突?イーディ対ダハウ Extra Episode
– Ace Weapon: イドゥンSpB(Shock Trooper)

How to RANK up your classes

C – CARRY OVER XP (Note: only 1 rank / mission)
D – Approximate # of Kills

Scouts 250 50 84
Shocktrooper 400 80 134
Lancer 300 60 100
Engineer 150 30 50
ArmoredTech  100 20 34
Sniper 200 40 67
Gunner 400 80 134
Fencer 400 80 134

How to Get XP to Increase your RANK
Defeat an enemy +3
Capture a base +5
Revive a ally +4
Rescue a dying ally +2
Healing an ally +1
Buffing an ally +1
Removing a Mine +1
*Killing an ally -3  *(Caveat: I am not sure  if an enemy kills you that the character who dies suffers this penalty)