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Plugging along …

Well the translation and editing of the VC3 patch is going along smoothly but man is it time consuming!

I find the editing to be even trickier than doing the original translation, but it is “fun” in its own way.  All of the mission info text for the base game (i.e not DLC) has been translated but it needs to be heavily edited in order to fit within the small amount of space (both in terms of memory and physical layout).

I have just finished doing all of the mission names.  Sometimes the titles will give you a hint as to what to expect in the mission, and at other times they might just seem cryptically poetic.  Those mission names have a very strict limitation due to the organization of the game data, so I had to be creative and reduce a lot of “unnecessary” or “flavor” text.  For example;

From Japanese to English: “Disrupting the Imperial Supply Route” –> “Supply Route” –> “Supply Line” (This is optimal as it is smaller text and more reflective of the mission description text).  While I would like to keep the terms “Imperial” or “Disrupting the”  we must save memory so they have to be cut. Besides,  if you actually read the mission description text, it goes into enough detail that you would understand the mission is to capture an “Imperial supply base” in order to disrupt the enemy supply line.


By the way, the purpose of this blog post is just to reassure fans that progress is being made day by day behind the scenes.  Check out from time to time to see when there is something ready to post publicly.