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— Part Two — Kurt Leads the Nameless – Chapter Two —

1st Step –

Be sure to play the DLC Kurt Irving’s First Mission” a few times
to gain DCT / EXP, then go to the Home Base to upgrade and
equip your troops and tank.

Here is a video showing how to S-Rank in ONE TURN:

2nd Step – Finish all of Chapter 2 – (Try to S rank the missions if you can).

VC3 – Chp2 FreeMission01 – APC Trial  (This has no Ace)

VC3 – Chp2 FreeMission02 – Supply Line
(Do this free mission twice and defeat the ace,
“Naka the Searcher” both times to get 2 ace drops ).
After you finish this mission you receive the Strength Talisman Accessory (+20 HP)

VC3 – Chapter2 Mission01 Captain Exemplar – S RANK

VC3 – Chapter2 Mission02 PATH_A – OP-Forest Raid – S RANK

VC3 – Chapter2 Mission02 PATH_B – OP-Canyon War – S RANK

VC3 – Chapter2 Mission03 Confined Duel – S RANK

VC3 – Chapter2 Mission04 Ace Ability – S RANK

Special Note 1:
In Chapter Two, the Fragment Missions DO NOT UNLOCK — even if you use a character 35 times!
If you use a character 35 times then at the beginning of Chapter 3,
that character’s Fragment Mission will unlock.

Special Note 2:

Super Challenge: 
As the Extra Missions have unlocked, so has the 5 star difficulty DLC mission called:
“Control the Harbor.”

Note: If you are playing the English Patched version, this 5 star DLC in Extras has its Ace removed.  
You will need play it in an unpatched Japanese version to kill the Ace and get his weapon.  
It is worth playing through in Japanese as the weapon is very powerful.

This 5 star difficulty mission will wipe the floor with inexperienced players and a low level squad.
You may wish to wait till the later chapters. (I recommend you wait at until LEAST until
chapter 3 when you can get the sniper class).

I have done it with a C rank at the beginning of Chapter 2.  The ace can sometimes spawn in the first map.
This is your best chance to finishing the mission and beating the ace in a timely manner.
With no Snipers you MUST protect your tank and use Kurt as a shock trooper with his
DLC weapon Hilde, to have ANY chance of killing the ace and finishing the mission.

Good luck Comrades!


Comments on: "Walkthrough – Part 2 (Chapter Two)" (3)

  1. Did you discontinue making the guide? It’s been really helpful.
    By the way, is it okay if I just play the game without grinding through the free missions and just get along the C rank finishes? Or will it weigh heavy on me later in the game?

    • As for the video guide, I have been really busy to continue it.
      Here is a link to alternative playthrough guide. (I chatted with him in the past when doing the translations and is a nice gamer).

      I suggest a few sessions of grinding (but only the DLC missions are worth repeating) as you will need one of each class with all skills unlocked to beat the game. I think you will need to max out 3 shocktroopers, a heavy gunner, 3 scouts, and 2 engineers to make things go smooth. Moreover, the DLC gives insane amount of EXP so you don’t want to miss out. DLC missions can be super challenging too which might be fun for some. As for getting by quickly by only ranking C rank, that is an option to go all the way to the end, finishing the game and the trying harder on the second time round.

  2. Playing VC3 thanks to the translation 😀

    You worked on the translation patch, right? If so, I can’t thank you enough!

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