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Merry X-mas


X-mas time is upon us and the first version of the patch content is done. Currently, the patch itself must be re-compiled and tested before being released. As for me, I am done for now, next I might work on the next patch but for now I am focusing on the tasks revolving my own work and domestic life.  It has been a long journey and while I did not accomplish everything I set out to do, I think I gave it my best.  The hundreds of hours I put in will be compensated by the hundreds of hours, you fellow gamers will enjoy.  While the patch works on CFW, if you want to support the series please buy VC3-E2 on the Japanese PSN.  From now until Jan. 8 2014, it will be under 10 bucks.  Once you convert the PSN purchase to an iso it will work.  For those that have a UMD back up it up to an iso and then apply the patch.

Things that got done – menus- in-game items , story events (Caveat – I couldn’t edit chapter 16 and only part of 15), character events, and all of the endings.  Home and Sky which are E2 specific are also done.  I could only finish editing the mission objectives for the chapter based missions (this is well over a hundred).  Extra missions and the character mission objectives will have to wait until another patch day…

I should note that should SEGA fully release an English version someday the stuff we didn’t have time to do will get done, and the art changes for in-game menus will probably be better (Although, I like our  new title screen LOL).

I have a lot of translation notes that I will post someday (maybe in the new year).  I am not sure where the bug reports will be done or where the patch is to be hosted.  I just know that I am done with it for now, and hope that everyone can appreciate and enjoy the wonderful game that SEGA made.  I wish I had more time to complete it but such is life.

Have a happy holidays — No.55 A Nameless Patch Translator/Editor.


Comments on: "Merry X-mas" (3)

  1. Thank you for everything that you have done comrade… please, have your well deserve rest and again thank you!

  2. Many thanks, guys! Keep up the hard work and enjoy the holidays (well, New Years).

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