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Updated the Mission Guide

Hello Fellow Comrades!

The following Google Doc acts as a Mission Guide, and has been updated till the end of Chapter 9(Close to half-way through the game):

As a very nice bonus, I have included the Ace and Post Game Weapon and Accessories Stats
so you can plan on what weapon to use (and how to get them). That is probably all I have time for this week, but I will be uploading some simple tutorial videos on how to play the game later. I will also upload S-Rank videos up to Chapter 9 over the next few months.

Till Next time.


Getting the 25 Medals in VC3

[01 02 03 04 05
06 07 08 09 10
11 12 13 14 15
16 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24 25]

01) 授与の短剣
You get this automatically from the start of game.

02) 公国勲功章
Clear chapter 5

03) 山の嘶き作戦従軍章
Clear chapter 7

04) 公国功労章
Clear chapter 8

05) 公国殊勲賞
Clear chapter 17

06) 外した部隊章
Clear chapter 20

07) ランドグリーズ聖槍勲章
Achieve “S” rank in a 3-Star (non-DLC/extra) mission.
*Chapter 11 is the first occurrence of a 3-Star Free Mission.

08) 殊勲青銅槍盾勲章
Kill 250 enemies

09) 殊勲白銀槍盾勲章
Kill 500 enemies

10) 殊勲黄金槍盾勲章
Kill 1000 enemies

11) GBS英雄賞
Complete a (3 star) difficult mission without getting hurt

12) GBS人道賞
Complete a mission without harming a single enemy
(This includes knocking them with your vehicle)

13) 殊勲歩兵戦栄誉勲章
Kill 300 infantry-type

14) 殊勲機甲戦栄誉勲章
Kill 100 vehicle-type

15) 殊勲聖槍勲章
Kill all Enemy Aces in the game (Non-DLC) (post game only)

16) 優秀兵士表彰
Complete the Master Table of Battle potentials for a single character (this means maxing all classes)

17) 優秀部隊表彰
Achieve third class level for all 8 classes
(This can be achieved from more than one character)

18) 優秀指揮官勲章
Learn all orders

19) 優秀機甲兵団勲章
Research / purchase all TANK ITEMS (post game only)

20) 優秀武装兵団勲章
Research / purchase all weapons (post game only)

21) 作戦地図
Clear all mission events

22) 名もなき部隊の記録
Clear all character missions AND read their Profiles completely.

23) 大翼兵団勲章
MAX all training skills (post game only)

24) ランドグリーズ勲章
Clear all 4/5 star missions (post game only)

25) ロイヤル・ランドグリーズ勲章
Clear ALL missions with S rank
(Note: I am not sure if in E2 the old Extra Episode counts but in the original it did not matter)

Five Useful Tips for playing 戦場のヴァルキュリア3

1) When grinding for EXP and DCT and unlocking potentials and Character Missions, temporarily switch to EASY MODE when doing the missions. If you are having a tough time S Ranking the last mission of chapter, you *may* wish to temporarily switch the difficulty to EASY, (though I consider this cheating, but to each their own…). Unlocking Character missions require using the squad member at least 35 times. Try to have at lease one person be 3rd tier level of a class, so you that you have one of everything. Kurt will probably be able to be a MASTER of all classes (requires 3 tier for each class and unlocking the 3 potentials / class)

2) Always deploy the CP giving senior level veterans. (They have the star like medal beside their name). Assign the CP stars to either a shock trooper or gunner and let them defend your main base. Avoid using the CP star on the tank driver, as you often need to retreat the tank and move it to another stage. If you have characters that are forced to be deployed, you make wish to make them the CP

3) When doing story missions, try to make characters who are specialized — like giving a 3rd tier scout the +20 AP accessory, makes the scout cover 3/4 of the map! Other examples, giving a +20 vs Personnel (Golden Bullet) to a shock trooper will make them very powerful enough to eliminate strong knights, bosses and excellent at defending bases.

4) Learn the classes and characters’ strengths and weakness: Try to make at least one mortar lancer, and one anti tank sniper for the rare occasions they are useful. For example: Scouts are weak to interception fire, so if you give them extra armor, they maybe more easily able to take a base. Shocktroopers have very poor AP, so it is better to use your bases to move them. Fencers are not good defenders, and are only useful when attacking at CLOSE RANGE (near a base). Lancers are quite overpowered at the end game (equal to a sniper actually), especially if you give them the extra accuracy accessory and use a character like Gloria who has high accuracy to start with. Some characters like Zahar and Susie have crippling Character Potentials, so do not use them until your morale is 4 or higher (or simply just use them unless they are defending bases). Riela gets a crippling Character Potential, for a few chapters, so until that time use Alysse or some other Valkyria based character. Alysse has no real weaknesses, so I prefer her over Riela.

5) Learn the game mechanics: Bosses and especially Valkrias should be attacked from behind. Using grenades means you will not be counter attacked. If scouts have an extra grenade, then they will be able to usually clear the troops out of the base and not be attacked. Use the grenades to push them out of the base, that way you can take it even if they did not die. Use interception fire from enemies to kill their own troops if you are invulnerable or a tank, if you NEED to save CP for an S rank.