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How to RANK up your classes

C – CARRY OVER XP (Note: only 1 rank / mission)
D – Approximate # of Kills

Scouts 250 50 84
Shocktrooper 400 80 134
Lancer 300 60 100
Engineer 150 30 50
ArmoredTech  100 20 34
Sniper 200 40 67
Gunner 400 80 134
Fencer 400 80 134

How to Get XP to Increase your RANK
Defeat an enemy +3
Capture a base +5
Revive a ally +4
Rescue a dying ally +2
Healing an ally +1
Buffing an ally +1
Removing a Mine +1
*Killing an ally -3  *(Caveat: I am not sure  if an enemy kills you that the character who dies suffers this penalty)


Comments on: "How to RANK up your classes" (39)

  1. What’s with A B C D?

    • >> What’s with A B C D?
      A,B,C,D is the legend to understand what the data below it means

      Thus, when I say
      A – CLASS
      B – RANK XP
      C – CARRY OVER XP (Note: only 1 rank / mission)
      D – Approximate # of Kills
      and then below mention
      “Scouts 250 50 84”

      I mean to say this:
      CLASS : Scouts
      RANK XP : 250
      CARRY OVER XP : 50
      Approximate # of Kills : 84

      Hope it is clear now.

  2. You must get XP for defending a base because my Deit (armored tech) definitely killed less than 10 people, never captured a base, and yet he is now an elite. I always have him defend a base.

    • You get xp for using skills from your class, this means clearing a mine. To the best of my knowledge when you defend a base you do not get a level up. If you think it’s possible the play a bunch if missions and don’t kill anyone with that character. I bet the character never levels up. Each class gets a different amount if xp got troop kills as shock trooper is expected to kill a lot but a medic not do much. That us why they level up through kills faster. If you had carry over xp then only 10 kills could have leveled up your armor tech.
      Note that killing enemies on the enemy phase still grabs you XP for proficiency.

      • It happened again. I have elliot as an armored tech and all I have him do is defend a base. No revives, no kills and etc. At the end of battles it NEVER shows him get XP since I dont have him do anything except for defending bases. But all of a sudden when I finished a mission he just got promoted to veteran!

  3. There must be a greater descripency between points awarded then we think. In a attempt to run through the engineer class with the three leads I had Reila go from never having used the engineer to veteran after only doing APC Training twice. Mathetically speaking she should have only had 64 experience. Maybe I didn’t understand your chart, is it that you need 150 to become Elite or 150 per rank up?

  4. So is that the ammount of XP needed to level up the class completely or is it just to upgrade them to veteran status?

  5. Negative Gate said:

    Question: Does using Imca’s Open Fire (SP Skill) increase the points needed to rank up our class?

    E.g: Killing 10 enemies using Open Fire in one shot increase by 30 points. Or nothing?

  6. Negative Gate said:

    Found an area that have a great ranking class potential (Only Gunners and maybe Scouts + Enginners are still hard to train). Afraid that it is a bit off topic so can i post the mission name here, Valkyria55? Sorry for double posting.

    • Please do share any tips you wish.

    • Negative Gate said:

      Thanks for the permission Valkyria55.

      Mission Name: Two Brave Souls

      Mission Type: Capture Main Base (How Many? 3)

      Mission Difficulty: 2 Stars (**)

      Enemy In Mission: Scout, Shocktrooper, Sniper, Gunner, Fencer

      Max Turns allowed: 5 (S Rank), 6 (A Rank), 7 (B Rank), 20 (C Rank)

      Mission Requirements: Imca and Annika Must Deploy

      From : Imca’s Fragment

      Mission Tile set : Leanbluff Forest (Valkyria Chronicles 2 Map) Or Forest
      Intersection, Old Road, Forest Exit, Castle

      How to train: Capture all the camps except the objectives camps that you need to capture. Meaning leave the objectives ALONE. Kill all the Imperials in all areas. After doing that. DO NOT CLEAR the mission. Command your 3 want to train soldiers to the nearest grass hiding spot. Each camp should spawn 2 imperials at a turn and the camp can only spawn at the max of 7 imperials in a camp. Wait for 3 turns and each camp should have 6 imperials = 18 points. Do not worry as the imperials that spawn in the camp somehow have a bug where they just stand there and do nothing unless u are in their line of sight.

      I really hope that it helps and about the bug. I am not lying as I did it 5 times. If not working you might want to clear Chapter 11 as I found out this trick in chapter 12. If still not working then sorry to say that i have no idea. Unfortunately that I don’t know how to make videos and I don’t have the program to do it. Sorry for my bad explanation. Hope the information I give is clear and understandable. Thanks for reading.

      • Negative Gate said:

        By the way I have not tested Lancers but my guess is that mortars might be a good one to use at ranking method. I repeat this is A GUESS. Sorry for Triple posting.

      • Thanks for the tip.
        When does your mission unlock? (I.e. The earliest chapter?)

        As for me the best / easiest grind mission is the one for “The Secret of Her Powers” check this link for a pitiful screen capture of me S-ranking it with low level characters.

        Now after you s-rank the mission, you can safely use it as a grind mission.
        Capture all bases save for the last one (the targeted base). Wipe out all troops along the way. Critical you must clear out the starting area with your main base. Every round 5 reinforcements come: 2 scouts and 3 lancers. A fencer can take all 5 out with 2 CP. A gunner likewise can do the same (maybe 3 CP if you don’t have a powerful heavy machine gun)
        Even armored techs can the five troops with 3 or 4 CP. For other non area effect classes, you can set up 2 other assists to help clear out the 5 reinforcements with minimal CP usage. I recommend using a third tier engineer for the boost to really make it easy.

        In vc3 this mission was DLC so even in chapter 2 you could start this. In e2 edition you must wait till it unlocks. If memory serves me correct it is around chapter 12 but truthfully I am unsure at this moment.

      • Negative Gate said:

        Now that is a better spot for it even if its only one base. I have the DLC but so far it does not appear yet and by e2 edition u mean extra edition then mine is that. As for your question, my guess would be like Valkyria Chronicles 2 Classmates missions. Command them like 25 times then they unlock it. Since I also don’t know about the requirements for unlocking Fragments, My best bet is that you try ranking up her class (As in all class) As I unlocked her fragments by ranking up her class. If you have train all her class then my another bet would be complete chapter 11. In other words, either try ranking up all class or chapter 11. Thats as far as my thinking would go. Sorry that i cannot provide a clear Information.

        On a side note: Man you impressive, know Japanese characters. I be damn.

      • Typically using a character 35 times unlocks their fragments. Some characters are linked so you must finish using Ada and Cedric or Amy and Deit 35 times each to unlock their fragment. The main characters might be different which is why I asked. For example Gusurg’s fragment automatically unlocks as the story progresses. As for Japanese, I know some kanji and of course all katakana and hiragana. After all, I did translate and edit for the English patch. 😉
        And yeah, the e2 is the extra edition (the one that the English patch works with).

  7. Negative Gate said:

    ……..Did not expect that you are one of those heroes who gives Holy Hand Grenades to us players. Damn 35 times is quite a lot if did not train all characters. This is Off topic but does the extra edition have all DLC? Like the important Selvaria at Naggiar or The Treacherous Valkyria. I have

    Kurt Irving First Battle,
    The Secret Of Her Powers
    No.1 Is Restless
    Run,Isara Run (Should be the one about the OVA in the anime)
    Something about Edy and her Squad Vs Lydia and the Fencer Boss (Unlocks Edy and her Squad)
    Something about Yeager (Unlocks Yeager)

    Extra Missions:
    Control The Port
    Retake The Outpost
    Little Wings Challenge
    毒蛇の牙 (Some how the game just shows this)
    対岸の砲撃手 (Some how the game just shows this)
    撃ち貫くもの (Some how the game just shows this)
    立ちはだかる (Some how the game just shows this)

    Yep thats about it. Sorry for expecting too much of DLCs but it does not feel completed. Still thanks for the translation.

    • Check out this link or what e2 contains:

      Basically it is 4 DLC : Kurt’s First Mission (a pre order bonus in the past), Imca and Reila’s extra DLC episodes (no1 is restless and the secret of her powers) and Control the Port(Harbor Blockade as mentioned in the Alicia’s bakery blog). That’s it. The rest if the DLC you have is purchased or unlocks via pass codes.
      Treacherous Valkyria and selvaria at naggiar are paid DLC not included. All of those Japanese missions come from the paid DLC or unlockable pass codes. Anything included in e2 was translated into English.

      Note that Imca, Clarissa and Reila DLC included in the e2 edition never got translated. Some of the missions objectives also did not get translated or we didn’t have time I finish editing them so they are still in Japanese. This missions are post game so not the end of the world. None of the newspaper articles were translated and while the tutorial and encyclopedia headings we’re translated the content was either not translated or left unedited due to a lack of time. You should check out my archived blog posts cause they discuss what DLC unlocks what and the name if the DLC to buy.

      I forgot if I mentioned it, but you need to play Control the Port in the original Japanese version to get the ace weapon. For some reason the ace has been removed in our patch so that weapon is unattainable.

  8. Negative Gate said:

    I see. Thanks for the information.

  9. Negative Gate said:

    Hope you don’t mind that I inserting a mission (since Valkyria55 said “Any Tips”) where it is easy to get (and hard) exp.

    NOTE!!! AS IN REALLY NOTE: This mission requires the extra Mission called or rather look like this: 迫り来る悪夢.

    Mission Objective: Hold the Defensive Line for 4 Turns OR Kill all Imperials (Enemies).

    Imperials in Mission: Scout Elite, Fencer Elite, Lancer Elite (Wield Mortars), Armored Hunter (In-game its called Tech Elite For some reason.), Light APC B and Radiator-MG ( See for yourself. And for those who don’t know what is MG. MG is Short form for “Machine Gun”.)

    Members Deployed: Only As in ONLY Riela and Imca Prefer if Imca is a Lancer and Riela is a Sniper cause my tactic is using that classes.

    A 5 Stars (*****) Mission which is real badass.

    Maximum Turns: 3 for S Rank and 4 for A Rank

    I recommend (Or rather, A MUST) that you get Imca’s SP Skill ( OPen Fire) before trying as the first part requires you to have that skill. If you don’t have this skill and you try, Trust me you are wasting your time as you will fail 100% no matter what. (unless you used hacks.)

    Before I start explaining how to win this mission: Keep this in mind at ALL TIMES: Do NOT Let the imperials see you (If you see a yellow line, means u are seen.) Or else they will move to the red line and on their way to that line, you will get screwed first.

    Once you begin, Just activate Open Fire, you should see 4 enemies, namely a APC, Ace, Fencer and a Lancer, kill all 4 of them in this 1st turn. Otherwise, say farewell. Best way to kill them is activate Open Fire Twice and use it to kill all 4 of them. Thats the easiest and best way so far I farm, after using Open Fire twice, hid behind the rock closest to you. Same goes for Riela. Of course if the ace still standing proudly, kill him. Also if the ace manage to dodge one of your Open Fire, You can either Retire or try your luck unless your weapon is good. Let me remind you that you need to hid BEHIND the rocks around the battlefield at ALL TIMES.

    Enemy Phase? No worries if you heed my advice. Also the damn boss is using “Know Your Place” Orders, man I never get tired from it. Notice that there is a barrage incoming. IT WILL OHKO (One Hit Knock Out) you if you do not hid behind the rocks.

    Your Phase (2nd Turn).
    After you done your first turn, it is up to you whether to kill the leader (Armored Hunter) or not. A leader gives 3k exp. So really it is up to you. If you choose not to just stay behind the rock and you should be fine. (Note that i said should). If you choose to kill, Move both Riela and Imca to the third Rock ( The one on the most >>) should be around the middle of the map. Try to kill the leader from that distance. Though most likely you cannot kill cause of reasons like parry or miss or not enough damage.

    Enemy Phase? Hell prepare for barrage If you don’t Hid behind the rock.
    If you manage to kill the Armored Hunter, the boss will use “that” Almighty order and the most OP order ever. Happy Hunting. 😀

    Your Phase (3rd Turn) Let me remind that this is the S rank Limit
    Well that happens. Same thing though, kill the leader.

    Enemy Phase: Not much to note.

    Your Phase (Final Turn Aka 4th turn)
    What’s happening at this turn is the same thing all over again.

    Enemy Phase: If you heed my advice, the mission is as good as cleared.

    Done! Thanks for reading and I hope that it helps.

    On the side note: That OP order name have become withdraw for Dahau’s order. And that Ace weapon is a lance and it is a MUST GET. Got to love the music at this mission too. It’s too fitting.

  10. Negative Gate said:

    BTW I think that Positive and Negative (Imca’s Fragment Mission) appears right after you are able to use Open Fire. In other words, Chapter 7.

    Sorry if I was too late.

  11. JustSomeRandomGuy said:

    noob question where can i check my current character proficiency?

    • The game keeps this stat hidden.
      There is no way normal way if checking a character’s current proficiency level. The VC series (and Japanese games in general) often keep certain gameplay elements a mystery from the player. For example: unlocking medals is never explained until after you have done the deed.

      I suspect one reason for this is to encourage players to buy their game guides. LOL.

  12. how do i assign another captain?..

    • Eventually Assign Leaders option shows up in the mission briefing and barracks menus. Keep progressing the story and the option will show up.
      Post game allows you to buy one more additional leadership command slot via training.

      • Thanks..
        another question..
        is other classes being unlocked via story?…
        thanks again..

      • No worries friend ask away.
        Yes the sniper fencer and gunner classes are unlocked as the story progresses. Also special abilities for Kurt Riela and Imca are also unlocked as the story progresses. Take caution though sometimes a character’s personal battle potential changes due to the story. Also you must take out enemy troops/tanks to gain a new rank in your class but each class needs a different amount of defeated enemies. Medics/engineers require the least amount of kills so I recommend making all of your scouts elite medics cause it only takes a short while. Once you unlock Riela’s character extra episode (chapter 16 maybe?) then you will have the ultimate grinding mission to master any class as it spawns 5 enemies in the same spot each turn and you can kill all of them with 2 or 3 cp only once you set up correctly (gunners and fencers especially– other classes require assistance from teammates).

      • Negative Gate said:

        By the time i reach chapter 16 (Or around. Hell if i know, i have not reach there yet.) is well….a bit slow if u get me. Still that information is very useful since i can make my plans now. Thanks again Valkyria55

  13. Duh bro, gunner is really hard to train. They can hardly kill even a scout !!! Well, perhaps I’m playing it wrong, so how do you train gunner??? Btw I’m in chapter 7, no spoiler plzz.

  14. wow, VC3 takes forever for me to rank up >__<

  15. Tip to rank up your squad members faster: group your squad members together and kill the enemies with only one of them. All of the grouped squad members will be granted the bonus for assisting the squad member who fires. Doesn’t apply for fencer, armored tech and sniper though.

    • In earlier tests, I found that it is only the person who gets the kill that gets the award.
      This might have changed for E2 edition. Verifying this is difficult as I haven’t seen the source code.
      That said, I used your “grouping” technique on the mission for The Secret of Her Powers in order
      to clear out 5 troops with only 2 CP, using well positioned gunners/shocktroopers.
      Besides, you have to unlock those friendly assists anyway, so it is a good thing to do when grinding for rank ups.

  16. The secret of her power mission seems to be unlockable during the 14th chapter

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