Fan Site for Valkyria Chronicles 3

Ranking of Characters Based on the
Highest Accuracy Stat

(The following characters have a total of 67 or higher base)
(*my recommended class)
 (Ada) エイダ - Scout Lancer Sniper* Gunner
 (Gloria) グロリア - Scout Lancer* Sniper Gunner
 (Serge) セルジュ - Scout Lancer Engineer* Sniper Gunner
 (Irumari) イルマリ - Scout Lancer Engineer* Sniper
 (Zeri) ゼリ - Scout Shock* Lancer Engineer Sniper (While Zeri’s Sniper has the best stats, his high HP and Accuracy stats
 suit the shock trooper more).
 (Margaret) マルギット - Scout Lancer* Sniper* 
 (Aside from Ada or Gloria, Margaret is your best Lancer)
 (Brixam) ブリクサム - Scout* Shock Lancer Engineer Sniper (Brixam can be an excellent Sniper but you will need an 
 excellent Scout more in the later missions.)
 (Alicia) アリシア - Scout* 
 (Although weaker than in VC1, Alicia’s stats and Potentials 
 still make her one of the best Scouts)
 (Eleanor) エレノア- Armored Tech Sniper* 
 (Aside from Ada, Eleanor is your best Sniper)
 (Gisele) ジゼル - Shock* Sniper
 (Leon) レオン- Lancer*
 (Cedric) セドリック - Shock* Gunner 
 (The DLC or the final ACE Shocktrooper weapons make Gunners 
 less powerful than Shocktroopers. Give Cedric a Ruhm and he 
 will be your Boss Killer!)
 (Balderan) バルドレン - Shock* Lancer
 (Valerie) ヴァレリー - Scout* Shock
 (Avan) アバン - Scout* Shock
 (Rosie) ロージー - Shock* Lancer 
     (This choice should be obvious for VC1 veterans)
 (Maximillian) マクシミリアン - Lancer* Fencer
 (Zahar) ザハール - Shock Gunner* 
     (Although his stats are not better as Gunner,
     I recommend it due to the Potential that stops his movement)
 (Alysse) エイリアス- Scout* 
     (Tip: Being a Valkyria give her DLC weapon like Regen and 
     accessory with extra AP, this will allow you to use 
     interception fire more to kill enemies, and damage tanks 
     more due to its high anti-armor rounds)
 (Dight) ダイト- Medic Armored Tech* Sniper 
     (Note: Ironically Accuracy doesn’t matter as an Armored Tech)

Sometimes it’s difficult to choose what class you should make your unit.  Generally speaking, VC3 does a great job of balancing out the classes, but the above list will give you an edge in getting that “S-Rank.”


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