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Tutorial – Weapons + Tank R&D
1. Go To the “Home Base” (For more info: See “Tutorial- Home Base”)
2. Press Right and then UP to go the Middle Area. Press Circle.

Options Displayed:
Option 1 – Buy Personnel Weapons and Accessories (This includes “Research”)
Option 2 – Buy Tank Parts
Option 3 – Equip Personnel Weapons and Accessories
Option 4 – Equip Tank Parts (Weapons, stickers, etc..)

At the start of a chapter, you can buy new items for your tank and upgrade your units weapons and
armor. After buying a weapon, it will ask you if you want to equip it on all your troops.

Tip: When buying the upgraded your weapons ALWAYS say “いいえ (no)” to this.
This will keep whatever you had equiped on, but will auto-upgrade if you equipped that particular type of weapon. When you change classes be sure to give someone else the ACE weapon.
Here is an example of buying up the tank items, and personnel equipment.
It also shows how to equip items.

In some chapters you can unlock a new class by researching a new weapon. Look for the “?” menu item and buy it.
Here is an example of how to unlock the Heavy Gunner Class at the beginning of Chapter 6:


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