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Hi Comrades,

A few people have asked for a real basic how to play the game (mainly menus and such). Aside from doing the actual missions, the most important part is going to Home Base. The other part is you need to move between maps, to access the Extra Missions, DLC Episode Missions and Character Based Story Missions. You Do this by pressing X out of the main map area and then using L or R buttons on the top of the PSP to move to the different areas(i.e. non chapter missions). Once you beat the final mission you can go back and redo any mission from any chapter; however, on your first play-through, once you finish a chapter you can’t go back and do the story based missions, only the free based missions (GREEN/BLUE).

Tutorial – Home Base

There are two main ways to go to the Nameless Home Base.
Getting to Home Base – Method 1:
Simply press Select and choose first option.

Getting to Home Base – Method 2:(Perhaps this more intuitive)
Move the cursor to the “Bronze Star” on any map and press Circle (O).

The Home Base has 6 areas of interest:

1. Tent Area – Your Cursor starts here choosing this Circle (O) returns to the previous map.
Cancel (X) from anywhere on this screen will do the same.

2. Weapons + Ammo R&D – The middle right option. (カリサ)Carissa’s shop is where you can
buy new accessories, weapons,armor and tank parts. At certain chapters you can research
new weapon frameworks and learning new kinds of weapons unlocks a new class.
This area also allows you to equip accessories and weapons on units.

3. Trainer – The bottom right option. This trainer is the brother of the trainer from VC1.
He will allow you to train your skills, assign your potentials, learn new orders.
After mastering other classes(3rd tier and unlocking the potentials), you
using the Master Table option to unlock a character’s high and super potentials.
You basically learn one new order per chapter. Be careful of advancing your skills
too much, as the enemies match your power in non-story missions (thus it advancing too fast makes
it harder to grind).

4. Mess Hall – Top right option. This lets you review previous tutorials and news.
The only point for reading all the news is for backstory but it will unlock 1 medal
post game if you go through all of the character profiles, news, and tutorials.

5. Outfit Tank Area – Top left option. This area allows you to change your tank type and equipment.
NOTE: You must buy the upgrades at Carissa’s shop, before you can change tank equipment.
The other reason you will come here is to REPAIR your tank if it gets destroyed during a mission.
It can be expensive so try not to blow it up!

6. Achievements Board – Bottom left option. This is where you can check your stats, mission ranking and medals. See the following video on how to check your Achievements:


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