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Tutorial – The Trainer

1. Go To the “Home Base” (For more info: See “Tutorial- Home Base”)
2. Press Right and go to the Bottom Area. Press Circle.

Options Displayed:
Option 1 – Train Skills
Option 2 – Change Class
Option 3 – Assign Potentials
Option 4 – Master Table (Need to view this to unlock “Super potentials” for characters)

Note: In later chapters, Assign Potentials will also allow you to make a unit an Officer.
This Officer must be a 2nd or 3rd Tier class and deploying the unit will grant you one
more CP per turn.

Part 1: Buying Orders and Training Skills (which also unlocks Orders)
Choose Option 1 – Train Skills and Press Circle.

Orders will NOT have a level.
You can only learn ONE unique “Order” per chapter, and not every chapter has one.
If you advance a Skills enough then related Orders will become unlocked.

In this tutorial video, I have selected to learn Chapter 5’s unique Order
“回復リミット解除”. This (1CP) Order improves the healing ability of
ragnite for ONE unit.

I have also trained “射撃訓練” to Level 25. You learn “一斉精密狙撃”
when you train this skill to Level 24. This (2CP) Order adds 15 to
the accuracy of ALL units in the Area where you use the order.
After your training Press X to go back to the Trainer Menu.

Tutorial Video:

Part 2: How to assign a previously learnt Battle Potential
Choose Option 3 – “Assign Potentials” and Press Circle.
Pressing Left or Right on the Control Pad to select different classes.
Press Up and Down on the Control Pad to select the Unit.
Pressing Circle will choose the unit and then you can select
one previously learnt potentials(Class/High/Super) and assign it to
your 4th Battle Potential Slot.

In tutorial video(how to buy orders) I have assigned the 3rd Scout Potential “迎撃耐性”
to 4th slot, which allows Riela to reduce interception damage.

Remember to press (X) at the Trainer Menu to return to the Home Base.

Part 3: How to Change Class. Choose option 2 and then select the unit. You will be given a list
of all the classes that are currently unlocked. Classes get unlocked at certain chapters once you
research (buy) their new class of weapon. Certain charcters get bonuses to their stats (in blue)
based on their preferred class. In all honesty, it makes little difference, but for S-ranking you
may wish to choose a character that specializes in the class. When you change your class the unit’s
equipment is set to the default, and the 4th battle potential is cleared if is part of the regular
class potentials (I recommend making the Super Potential Critical Strike and equiping that whenever

In this tutorial video I change Gloria from a Lancer into a Shock-Trooper,a Sniper and eventually
back to Lancer. Notice how Lancer and Armored Tech Classes have blue numbers in the
middle column. This means the class is a preferred one and so it has additional bonuses.
How to Change Class Video:

Part 4: Unlocking a High or Super Potential. Once you have the necessary requirements*, go to the Master Table option (Bottom Menu Option) and choose your character.(See my guide):

*How to get the requirements please refer to my guide:

If you meet the requirements, then the ability is automatically unlocked. Assuming you can read
Japanese, the Master Table also describes what the potentials do. Here is a video unlock the “Critical Attack” Potential based on Scout and Shock-Trooper potentials.


Comments on: "Beginning Player Tutorials – Part 3 The Trainer" (3)

  1. Great tutorial, menus are a pain in the ass till you figure them.

  2. I am glad to hear the tutorials are helpful. There is a good chance that it could take years to see this game in the US, so this should get you through the basic menus need to play it in Japanese. On my S-Rank videos I will try to record when I need to change equipment or setup for a mission.

  3. A friend of mine borrowed the game from me some months ago and I had to make him a tutorial on paper about the basic menus, this could have been so useful for him.

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