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反逆のヴァルキュリア DLC – Valkyria Extra Episode
Released on March 32 2011
Price: 600円
Stage Name: 国境のヴァルキュリア
(Need to beat Selvaria –  can only attack from behind)

Map Area: ランシール士官学校
Difficulty: ★★★★★
S rank: 4 Turns
Goal:  Kill all Units (敵ユニットの全滅)
Ace Name:千人狩りマシター
Ace Drop: ゲルA(ピストル)

CLASS: Engineer Pistol
vs Personnel 61
vs Armor 57
Aim 70
Range 150
Shots 6
Suppression – C Rating
Status Affliction –  Defense Down

Video on how to S – Rank this Mission:

Note: The following mission was done on NORMAL Difficulty and POST-GAME (i.e Final chapter weapons) The one DLC sniper weapon that kills the tank in one shot is not necessary, but as you can use your tank. I just did used it to save CP as some of those enemies dodged my attacks “unfairly.”


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