Fan Site for Valkyria Chronicles 3

Good news, comrades!

According to Sony’s official press release the PSN should be back on July 6th.

What this means for VC3 fans like myself, is the following DLC is should be soon available:

Reila Nendroid Weapon DLC   追加ミッション「二騎当千」
Apparently, this toy includes an actual DLC mission.
Edy Detachment Mission DLC
Squad 7 Mission DLC
OVA DVD / BLU Ray DLC エクストラミッション「イサラ、走る!」
(Extra Mission – “Isara, Run!” – You can get a “フレック Sword”)
A New Extra Mission DLC
A New Hard Mission DLC
Rental OVA from PSN, bonus DLC
Rumor has it that a “Clarisa DLC” is in the works too!
*Clarisa is the shopkeeper at Base Camp in VC3.


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