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Unlocking Extra DLC Content

This simple guide will show you how to unlock the various "free" DLC 
available for Valkyria Chronicles III. 

 PASSWORD Unlockables
To unlock items choose EXTRA from the main menu and then choose the
"Second Option" for Password Entry

                       Tank Stickers
IMPORTANT! -- There are NO SPACES in the actual passwords, I included
them only to make it easier to read:

Aliasse Sticker: SCM6 JW7L FP3W KY4A
Avan & Cosette Sticker: EL8T J8G8 9K83 C7KF
Good Smile Company Sticker: HJE3 QX3M 7BFX MHT5
Puyo Puyo Sticker: TJLF 9AYG R344 XN4G
Rappyko Sticker: R72Z PF4L 7L3C 7G6M
Shining Hearts Sticker: P9FM EB2A 5Q9G NFPW
Torosutesutekka Sticker: TB6W KAEZ 53R7 GG8X
Zeri Sticker: 4FL4 WZ56 2R9F S4GN
"Compu Ace Logo" Sticker: YJRW 8ECF 6QE9 7R6J


Unlock Aliasse 2QHK AEF2 8MHM XCN7

SAVEDATA Unlockables

Unlock Eleanor Varrot*          Import Save Data from: 
                                Valkyria Chronicles PS3 
                                (US or JPN save is OK)

*Be sure to check the Special Accessory that comes with Eleanor as 
sometimes it is bugged and you won't get it.  Only way to fix it is 
to restart a new save and try again.  It is for this reason that I 
recommend you unlock Eleanor first.

Unlock Licorice(Anisette) 	Import Save Data from: 
                                Valkyria Chronicles 2 (JPN)
Unlock Bonus DLC Mission	Import Save Data from: 
                                Valkyria Chronicles 3 Demo (JPN)

Unlock Nagisa 			Import Save Data from: 
                                Phantasy Star Portable 2 (JPN)
Unlock Nagisa's DLC Mission 	Import Save Data from: 
                                Phantasy Star Portable 2 (JPN)

The characters Avan, Zeri, Cosette, Baldren, Audrey, Hubert, Julianna,
Leon, Rosie, Largo, Jann, Vyse, Aika, Fina can be unlocked by purchasing 
and finishing the extra missions which you can get after you beat the game

To get the SAVEDATA for the VC3 Unlockables,  first get the

“” from this site’s BoxNet Widget 

on the right hand menu.  

Next unzip the file and then do the following:

Plug your PSP into the USB mode for your PC/MAC.
The PSP Memory Stick should be read as a FLASH DRIVE
Go to the base root folder of the memory stick.
You may not have a "PS3" Folder already, if not make a new folder
and call it PS3. You should see a Folder called "PSP" in the root 
folder.  Inside this folder you should see a folder called "SAVEDATA" 
-- this is where the PSP saves your games.  

Assuming you have folders named "PSP" and "PS3" on your memory stick,
do the following:

Step 1:
Copy the contents of "PS3_SAVEDATA" into your PS3 Folder.
Note: If you already have a "SAVEDATA" Folder in the PS3 Folder,
you can just copy the folder "BLUS30196-PLAY-02" into that folder.

Step 2:
Go to the "PSP" Folder on your PSP Memory Stick 
and open the "SAVEDATA" Folder. 
Copy the contents of "PSP_SAVEDATA" into the "PSP/SAVEDATA" Folder. 

Step 3: Launch VC3.  Go to EXTRA in the main menu and 
choose the First Option (DATA).
This will unlock the data based extra content.
If you pre-ordered then you can get Kurt's First Mission EXTRA Chapter.
There will be a download code if you got the pre-order version of 
the UMD, enter it on the PSN to redeem your code.  If you pre-ordered
 the game via PSN, then the bonus DLC is included in your download 
(there will be 2 downloads unlocked when you buy the game).
If you are a SEGA Mobile Member you can get a free DLC mission if you 
connect to the mobile VC3 site according to:  (Japanese Only)

From the mobile site you must watch a flash movie (Episode 5) to get 
the DLC code. To watch this movie you need to answer the following
 trivia question: "Who was the person that named Calamity Raven?"

The answer is リディア (Lydia). 

Once you watch the final Calamity Raven Character Mission a mobile 
page will pop up showing your mission DLC CODE. Enter that code on the
PSN Store to get your DLC Mission.
Note: It costs 315 Yen / month to be a member of SEGA's mobile site.
So join for one month, so you can get the DLC code and then quit.

The following QR CODE will take you to SEGA's mobile site.  
Scan it with your Japanese cellphone.
(Unfortunately, there is no "smart phone" support for this.)